Creative Ways to Repurpose a Junk Car

If you love doing DIY projects at home and you happen to have a junk car lying around in your yard, then repurposing it may just be your next project, if you don’t opt to sell it to a company that buys junk cars. Plantation in Florida is where you can sell junk cars if you need cash. Otherwise, you can start gathering your tools and search for the best ways that you can make your unused car useful at home. Here are some of the best things that you can do with your junk car.

Pocket garden

If you do not have a big yard and your old car takes up most of the square footage, turn it into a pocket garden. Use different-sized pots and choose plants that will thrive in the type of climate that you have. You can decide to paint the car with your desired color or leave it in its natural state. A rustic-looking car-garden will add curb appeal. Stretch your imagination; there is no limit to what you can do with your old car. Use accessories as well, like chains, etc.

Reuse door handles

Do you have a few drawers with missing or broken handles? Take out your car’s door handles and place them on drawers. Vintage car door handles will add sophistication to your drawers and the room’s interior. You can polish the metal to shine to perfection.

Tire rims as ottomans

You can make cute ottomans from the rims. Paint the rims with your preferred colors and secure the top with cushions to make it comfy to lounge around, whether indoors or outdoors. Tire rims are sturdy, so they can last a long time.

Engine block as a wine rack

Believe it or not, you can display your wine collection on an engine block. It makes for a good conversation piece among your guests. Again, you can paint the rack to your liking, or just polish the metal and remove the rust, if there is any.

Pick-up truck as a bed frame

If you have an old pick-up truck on your hands, you can turn the back into a bed frame for your child, especially if they are into cars. Make the car part look brand new by painting it a bright color or even painting a design on the sides and front. You can also use the car’s hood as a headboard.

Old tire as a bathroom mirror frame

Use a tire shine material to polish the tire and paint an accent color on the edges. Buy a round mirror that you can glue to the back of the halved tire, and voila! You have a vanity mirror for your bedroom or bathroom.

If DIY-ing junk cars is not your piece of cake, then it is best for you to dispose of it and still earn a good amount for it. Junk cars are still hot items; you just have to look for the best deal that you can find.


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