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Top 10 Tips to Buy Quality Riding Accessories

With the booming economy of India, more and more people are buying cars, bikes, scooters, or riding accessories for themselves. Retailers in India offer a wide range of motorcycle accessories at very low rates to citizens in order to make their living. There are many brands with an excellent logo and company history that manufacture all kinds of automotive equipment like helmets, riding gloves, jackets, goggles masks, etc.

Today we are going to talk about riding gear which is very important for your safety on the road.

So here are the top 10 tips to buy quality riding accessories:

1) Season: 

First of all, you have to understand what type of riding weather/season it is and accordingly select your accessories. For summertime, you might want to buy certain riding gear such as helmet visors or protective gloves, bike bags, masks, jackets, boots, etc. For the monsoon/rainy season you might want to get a jacket and good quality riding glasses. In winters you would need thermal jackets, gloves, and socks along with helmet covers if needed. You can also look at getting reflective stickers or decals for your bike.

2) Trusted online store:  

Avoid buying any riding gear from unauthorized stores or unreliable online shopping websites. Either buy from authorized dealers or trusted online stores like Carorbis.  At Carorbis, you will find the verified sellers, retailers, wholesalers, and dealers who provide only the best quality products.  Carorbis is a trusted online store where you can find all the riding gears

3) What do you need: 

Look at the accessories you currently use like gloves or boots. For heavy rains or monsoon, it is advisable to get a good quality 3rd party jacket along with riding glasses and breath guards. For summers get a helmet visor and one to two extra pairs of leather gloves.

4) Reputed Brands: 

Always buy well-known brands. Although they may appear to be a bit more expensive than other non-branded products, you can be assured of the quality and after-sales services.

5) Checking the shelf life: 

Always check how long has it been since the dealer started selling that particular product. If any accessories have been sitting on the shelf for a long time then chances are that they might have lost their elasticity or color and won’t provide as much protection as they should.

6) Comfort: 

Never buy riding accessories just because it looks good or some other rider is wearing it. Do not compromise comfort for style. Never buy a helmet without trying it on first and make sure it is of the right size. Hands should not go shaking inside gloves, they should be snug fitting and same with boots and shoes too! Don’t worry if you can’t find your perfect fit in stores, since you can order what you want from anywhere but never compromise here.

7) Price: 

Do not go only by the price. Just because a dealer is giving it for a low price, saying that he has made a mistake in its calculations doesn’t mean you should buy it. It could be because of several reasons and could be very risky buying such an accessory. Remember even if there are two equal products from different manufacturers, the one from a large manufacturer would definitely be a better product. They have in-house R and D teams which regularly test products in their labs and also use high grade materials along with strict quality controls.

8) Don’t buy unless you need it: 

Never try to save money by buying accessories for your bike when you don’t need them. If you are not sure about the quality of accessories sold in your city, try to find them online instead.

9) Have a checklist: 

Make a list of items you need for your bike and then visit a trusted online store, search what you want and then go ahead and buy it. This will save you time, you won’t have to visit several dealers or shops and also chances are that you might find better offers online or get discounts.

10) Warranty: 

If buying accessories check if the manufacturer is offering a warranty on their products. Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty on their products while some offer 3 years warranty on helmets.

Buying accessories for your ride can be tedious and costly if shopping at local dealers or even online on portals. If you are on a tight budget then buy only items on which the manufacturer offers a warranty in India, not more than 1 year old and made by reputed brands. Check the bike and car accessories on display at that match your requirement. Because at Carorbis you can be sure of getting not just the best quality products but also durable products at the most competitive prices. You can easily compare, select and place the order through secure payment options. Stay safe, enjoy the ride!

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